Specialists in fuel injectors rebuilding and ultrasonic cleaning.

Test, rebuilt and clean your injectors, it's an economical and environmentally responsible choice. Our expertise in the field of ultrasonic cleaning of injector will give you accurate results!

We only rebuild gasoline injector. NOT DIESEL.

Injectors ultrasonic cleaning process in 5 steps.

Injecteur Automobile
Injecteur Automobile
Trucks and SUV




Snowmobiles (Ski-doo)

Recreationals vehicles

ATV and Quad


Why to clean your injectors ?

To enhance engine performance, optimize fuel economy and protecting the environment by producing less pollution.

Gasoline has a tendency of leaving deposits such as varnish or carbon on the injector pintle valve and seat causing the injector to leak or drip at unscheduled intervals, causing problem to the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor. 


Because you do save money too ...

Do not replace all your injectors with new overpriced injector. At Fuel injector precision, we refurbish your injectors for a fraction of the price of a new. If one or more injectors are completely defective, you will only have to replace defective injectors.


Because it's good for the planet ...

By giving a second life to your injectors, you are eco-friendly. Do you know that most of the injectors are still good even after many years of service.