Cleaning of E-Tec injectors

What is an E-Tec injector

E-Tec injectors are unique, complex and extremely precise. E-Tec injectors can be found in pairs in the engines of outboards Evinrude or in Bombardier Ski-Doo (600cc and 800cc engine) snowmobiles .

We can refurbish your E-Tec injectors

At Fuel Injector Precision we are proud to offer you a cleaning, testing and analysis service for E-Tec injectors. Most cleaning services do not support this type of injector (E-Tec). We are the benchmark in Canada for all vehicles equipped with this type of injector.

Injecteur E-Tec top view.

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Our services allow you to refurbish the e-tec injectors of your snowmobile, ski-doo and others. See how we put ultrasound at the service of your vehicle.

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