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Visit the "How to process" setion from our website, you will learn how to send us your injectors by post (or carriers) or go to our service point .

No, but you can do it yourself (depending on your level of knowledge) or call a mechanic. Read the warning about installing / uninstalling injectors >

Yes, if this is the case, it means that your injector was in this condition when you arrived at our workshop. Our detailed analysis will tell you exactly which one (s) of your injectors will need to be replaced (if applicable). Without analysis, you cannot know which one should be replaced, so you have to replace all of them. This process is very economical since it allows you to replace only faulty injectors.

Less than 4% of the injectors that we process cannot be returned to their original condition.

Yes, in case your injectors are dirty and distribute the fuel abnormally.

Yes, the dripping of dirty injectors is one of the main causes of engine overconsumption.

No, our services are offered in our workshop (no mechanics) or remotely by post or carriers.

We accept payments by credit cards, interac and cash. Under no circumstances will we accept checks, either at our point of service or by mail.

Yes, we clean and test your E-TEC injectors. Learn more...

We do not work on DIESEL injectors. We specialize ONLY in cleaning FUEL injectors..



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Consult our procedure in the "How to process" section or contact us.

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