Injectors for high performance cars, dragsters, rallies and racing cars.

Service and maintenance of injectors

Ford mustang, high performance carsWe can refurbish most high performance injectors in modified cars, race cars, karts and dragsters. Semi-direct type injectors are often used in these high performance cars. To take full advantage of the full power of your engine, have your injectors reconditioned to their original condition using our proven ultrasonic technology.

We also clean injectors that run on gas, methanol, alcohol and nitromethane for racing engines.

Can your race car's injectors be reconditioned?

If you are not sure if your race / high performance car's injectors can be refurbished? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you.


Dragster on start line

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Our services allow you to refurbish the injectors of your racing car, dragster and others. See how we put ultrasound to work for your vehicle.

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