Injector cleaning and injector testing


Ultrasonic cleaning deviceFuel Injector Precision specializes in refurbishing injectors (cleaning, testing, calibration and replacement of parts). Since 2012, we have ultrasonically cleaned, tested and analyzed hundreds of injectors across Quebec and Canada. Our cleaning service is offered to individuals and companies who want to clean, but also test the performance and functionality of their used injectors. We clean and verify the calibration of your gasoline injectors for cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs, for a fraction of the price of a new injector.

Advantages of using our services:

  • Up to 10X cheaper than buying new injectors
  • Detects damaged injector (s) in a batch
  • An eco-friendly solution
  • Visible and safe results unlike cleaning products
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • When cleaned and tested, the injectors offer the same performance as a new one
  • Professional and transparent service, we are here to tell you the exact condition of your injectors


We can also take care of cleaning your fuel rail and throttle body without forgetting the E-Tec injectors.

5-step injector cleaning procedure

Each injector entrusted to us is subjected to the same rigorous 5-step process. We do not offer the possibility of only cleaning or testing the injectors. It's a package, this ensures you quality results.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning of injectors

Ultrasonic injector cleaningWe place the injectors in an ultrasonic tank with a detergent formulated to remove varnish and carbon in the injectors which during the cleaning process are opened and closed 10 times per second for 30 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

2. Injectors Backflush

Backflush consists of circulating the cleaning solution in the opposite direction in order to remove all the residues in the injector.

3. Calibration test (at different RPMs)

Device for cleaning and testing injectors.During the calibration test, we collect six data that will allow us to make a reliable diagnosis of all your injectors. During this process, we simulate the performance of your injectors at different rotations per minute (RPM), as if they were installed on your vehicle.

  • Impendance
  • Pressure (Related to dripping)
  • Vaporization
  • Volume cc / second
  • Control (pulse width)
  • Static flow

Injector Filter4. Replacement of seals, filters and other related parts

It is possible that some parts which constitute an injector are too damaged to simply be cleaned, we must then replace them (ex: Filter, Gaskets etc.). No worries, we have almost all the injector parts in stock, these parts will be replaced extra.

Analysis report5. Inspection and analysis (Report)

Each order made at Fuel Injector Precision includes a free report of tests performed after cleaning. You will therefore be able to know if you need to change one or more injectors and if so, which one is defective.


Before and after cleaning injector

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