Fuel Injector Precision since 2010

Fuel Injector Precision

Fuel injectors experts since 2012.

Ultrasonic injectors cleaner

Injectors cleaning service

Ultrsonic cleaning of almost any gasoline injectors!

Injector test and calibration

Injectors testing

We test your injectors for optimal performance.

All types of injectors

We made them all!

Suitable for almost all types of gasoline vehicles.

Cars, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, VR and more...

Injectors ultrasonic cleaning and testing

Our injectors cleaning service allows us to refurbish your injectors for a fraction of the price of buying a new one. An eco-responsible and economical solution.

Types of injectors and injection systems

You wanna know if we can refurbish your injectors? Take a look at this list. Contact us if in doubt!

Fits almost all gasoline vehicles

Our ultrasonic cleaning service is compatible with all vehicles, cars, SUVs, snowmobiles, boats (Evinrude), ATVs, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

This is how we refurbish your injectors.

What you need to know!

About our services

No diesel injectors

Diesel injectors refused

We specialize in gasoline injectors, we make NO SERVICE FOR DIESEL INJECTORS.

Service offered everywhere

Services across Canada

Our service is offered across Canada. Just send us your injectors by post or carrier, they will be returned as soon as they are ready!

Parts for injectors

Injector parts

We have almost all parts constituting an injector, filter, O-ring or more. If necessary, we replace these parts when cleaning your injectors.

Fuel consumption and performance of an injector.

Performance and consumption

If your injectors are dirty, cleaning the injectors can allow you to increase the performance of your vehicle in addition to reducing its fuel consumption.

Professional service

We do not sell injectors or other mechanical service you be so sure that we will give you an accurate picture of the actual condition of your injectors throughout the refurbishment process your injectors.

  • Injector reception

    1. Receive your injectors

  • Injector Ultrasonic cleaning

    2. Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Injector testing and analysis

    3. Test and Analysis

  • Part replacement

    4. Parts replacement

  • Shipping to customer

    5. Shipping to customer


Forget miracle and ineffective injector cleaners!

Avoid easy solutions that just make you spend for nothing. These products are not very powerful to avoid damaging the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter. Not to mention that they cannot detect faulty injectors or damaged parts.

Instead, trust Fuel Injector Precision, the only professional and safe solution for all vehicles.

Injector cleaning product to avoid

Injectors are found in all your vehicles.