Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Injecteur Précision Enr., Is required to openly explain its practices in terms of the protection of privacy under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The present policy of Injecteur Précision Enr. with regard to the protection of personal information aims to explain in clear and simple language why the company Injecteur Précision Enr. collects personal information, what it will do with it, how it will be protected and to whom it will share it. 

Contact person and access to information

You can request access to all personal information that Injecteur Précision Enr. has about you, and you also have the right to request that information be corrected if it is incorrect or incomplete, or to require the removal of such information, or to refuse to have your personal information used for marketing purposes. To do this, all you have to do is contact Ms. Carole Bédard by mail at the following address or simply by contacting us by phone or email. No fees are charged for this request.

Injector Precision Enr.
Carole Bedard
1750-G rue Coulombe
Ste-Julie QC J3E0C2

Injecteur Precision Enr. has thirty (30) days to respond in writing to your request. 

For the management of cookies: 

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Collection of information

Injecteur Precision Enr. collects three types of information. Some are personal information, others are attractive to payment and others are de-identified and collected for statistical, advertising and user experience improvement purposes (cookies / cookies). 

1. Personal information 

Personal information is that which allows you to be identified, such as: Name and first name, company name, postal address, email address, telephone number, fax number, curriculum vitae and personal message or opinions.

This information is collected when you do any of the following:

  • By using the contact form on our website
  • By using our services (via an order form)
  • By contacting our staff by email or phone or in person at one of our offices.
  • By interacting on our social media accounts (Facebook and / or YouTube);
  • By applying for a job at Injecteur Précision Enr., Whether online, by email or by mail;

Use: Respond to your questions, identify you in order to provide a service you have requested, interact with you on social networks, send you communications, respond to a service or job offer.

2. Personal information for payments

Personal information for payments, including personal information above (see # 1) but also your credit card number.

This information is collected when you do any of the following:

  • By contacting our staff by phone or in person at one of our offices.

Use: To process a payment by credit card.

Information Retention: We do not keep your credit card numbers, they are only used once, when you make the payment.

3. De-identified statistical information

Depersonalized information is that which does not allow you to be identified: the browsers used (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or others) and their language, the pages visited and the duration of their consultation, the approximate location (city) of the IP addresses of browsers, external pages that referred visitors, conversions, clicks, etc.

This information is collected automatically via:

  • Google Analytics (Google Analytics tracking cookies for statistics)
  • Google Ads (Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Cookies for Advertising)
  • Facebook for Business (Conversion tracking and remarketing cookies for advertising)


  • When you visit our website
  • Interact with our online advertisements

Use: Marketing activities and carrying out analyzes. We use Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook for Business as analytical and advertising tools. Google Analytics and Google Ads and Facebook for Business use cookies (see below) to optimize its analysis. It also allows Injecteur Precision Enr. to display its advertisements and promotions on other sites of the Google or Facebook advertising network since you recently visited the website of Injecteur Précision Enr.

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Learn more about cookies:

Injecteur Precision Enr. uses cookies (commonly known as "cookies"), which are small text files that are automatically stored on your computer when you visit our website. This feature may or may not be enabled in your web browser settings. Injecteur Precision Enr. uses two types of cookies: "session cookies" and "permanent cookies".

“Session cookies” are temporary files that are automatically deleted when you close your Internet browser. They are not kept by Injecteur Précision Enr. nor communicated to third parties. The purpose of session cookies is to improve the usability of our website in general and to make it easier to navigate.

The characteristic of “permanent cookies” is that they remain active after your visit to our site. These are used to recognize your browser from one session to the next and to simplify your navigation, to collect statistical information on the use of the Injecteur Précision Enr. Website, and in some cases to promote it. other websites. However, it is important to note that cookies are not linked to your personal information and therefore do not identify you as an individual, but only recognize that it is the same web browser. who has already visited our site.

Delete cookies:

Most Internet browsers allow you to delete cookies from your computer's hard drive, prevent them from being saved to your hard drive, or receive a warning before they are saved. If you delete, disable or prevent the storage of cookies, your use or ability to access certain features of our website may be affected. Please consult the instructions for your browser or the "Help" section provided by your browser for more information on how to delete cookies, disable them or prevent their recording.

Using the Injecteur Précision Enr. without having deleted, deactivated or prevented the recording of cookies, you implicitly consent to the collection, use and communication of the information (personal or not) required for the implementation of these features.

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Use of personal information

Certain personal information is required when you communicate with our customer service, complete a contact form or send an order form to Injecteur Précision Enr. Credit card numbers are used exclusively for processing payments and for no other purpose.

We inform you when personal information is required in the context of a transaction, or to obtain another service from Injecteur Précision Enr ..

See the "Collecting Information" section above for more information on the use of different types of data.

Conservation and Safety

Data is kept for a variable period of time depending on its utility.

Personal information may be kept in hard copy or in electronic format. Their protection is ensured through the implementation of security measures adapted to the nature of each piece of information.

Access to personal information is limited to those persons who need it to ensure the provision of services by Injecteur Précision Enr.

We use an antivirus on each of our workstations.

We use secure, password-protected cloud computing services provided by specialist companies to process our communications and store data.

We use secure payment solutions provided by specialized third-party companies.

Communications and disclosure of personal information to third parties

Injecteur Precision Enr. only shares personal information with third parties in accordance with this policy. Injecteur Precision Enr. may provide personal information to members of staff (who are subject to the requirements relating to the protection of personal information through their contract with Injecteur Précision Enr.) only in the context of its activities requiring its use and for the purposes for which this information has been collected. Injecteur Precision Enr. never disclose, without your consent, your personal information to third parties for purposes other than those for which the information was collected, unless it is required to do so by law or by order of a court (i.e. in very exceptional circumstances).

Note that certain information may be transmitted to specialized third-party companies for the exclusive use of Injecteur Précision Enr. such as:

- Marketing agency: For the analysis of statistics and the creation of targeted advertising campaigns.
- JotForm: Processing of requests made by online form.
- Google and Microsoft: Email service providers, they just process all of our emails.

Consent to receive communications

When you benefit from services or make an online request, you implicitly consent to be added to our email list.

If you do not wish to receive commercial electronic messages from us, you can withdraw your consent at any time by following the instructions on how to unsubscribe contained in all promotional emails sent by Injecteur Précision Enr. or by contacting us by email with the subject "REMOVE MY EMAIL FROM YOUR LIST".

Please note that operational emails are not commercial electronic messages and provide relevant information that should be communicated to you, including but not limited to emails containing information about our services. Consequently, Injecteur Precision Enr. will continue to send you such messages, where appropriate.

Links to external websites

The website of Injecteur Précision Enr. may contain links to other websites, external to Injecteur Précision Enr. By clicking on these links, you will be automatically directed to these sites. We invite you to read the policies regarding the protection of personal information of these sites, as they may be different from the policy of Injecteur Précision Enr. Injecteur Precision Enr. can in no way be held responsible for the content displayed on other sites or for any inconvenience that may result from browsing on these sites.

Policy revisions

By using the Injecteur Précision Enr. Website, you accept this policy. This can be modified by Injecteur Précision Enr. without notice from time to time, in particular in order to take into account the evolution of Injecteur Précision Enr. and technological developments. We therefore advise you to periodically consult this page.

Do you have questions or suggestions?

We invite you to contact us with any questions or suggestions regarding this policy.

Please contact us by email, phone or mail.