Why and how to clean your injectors?

Many people wonder why have the injectors cleaned? And most importantly, how can we do it? Here are two very simple questions for a mechanic, but which can seem complex for the uninitiated. Have you read or heard that you need to service the injectors, but you are skeptical? Yes, this is very true, cleaning the injectors is a normal maintenance recommended by the manufacturers.


Why clean them?

Spray pathern d'un injecteur avant et apr├Ęs le nettoyageThe injectors must be cleaned because over time, the gasoline leaves deposits between the valve seat and the valve, which decreases the volume of fuel that the injector can inject and causes irregular spraying towards the engine or worse the complete blockage of the injector. This deposition of varnish and sometimes carbon also promotes continuous dripping of the injectors, which causes catalytic converter problems reducing engine performance, while increasing the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Scheduled maintenance ensures optimal operation of your injection system, it is also the only way to ensure that all of your injectors work properly from A to Z.

  • To do the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer
  • Solve a fuel consumption problem (up to 20% more)
  • Solve a performance problem (engine failure, slow acceleration)

What are the main causes of this problem?

The fuel additives used to protect your engine leave a thin protective film which is also found inside your injectors and accumulates over time.

Gasoline in vehicles stored during the winter season. In the long run, the old gasoline with ethanol separates and causes some rust problems without forgetting all the deposits that form there during the period of inactivity.

Fuel consumptionThe advantages of having your injectors cleaned

  • Increased prevention of mechanical problems linked to poor maintenance of the injectors.
  • Performance: This ensures the proper functioning of the engine, clean injectors will result in better combustion.
  • Better fuel consumption of your vehicle
  • The best time to make sure all your injectors are functional
  • Save money: if you compare refurbishment (cleaning and testing) to buying new injectors. Do not replace all of your injectors with overpriced new ones. At Fuel Injector Precision, we refurbish your injectors for a fraction of the price of a new one and if one or more injectors are completely defective, you will only have to replace the one or those that are unrecoverable.


How to clean your injectors?

One of the ways to do this is to add cleaning products that you add to the gas tank, an expensive technique that leaves many very skeptical since it is very unreliable and can in no case achieve the same results as ultrasonic cleaning we talk about it in more detail here.

The most effective way is certainly ultrasonic cleaning combined with a calibration test (refurbishment) , in addition to being inexpensive, this process has several advantages that a simple cleaning with chemicals cannot do, such as ensuring optimal operation comparable to a new injector.


Professional injector cleaning in 5 steps!

Find out how we perform ultrasonic cleaning and analysis of your injectors, it is much more than a simple cleaning, it is a refurbishment of your injectors.

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